Project - Orphaned Wildlife

Orphaned Wildlife

At the Orphaned Wildlife Center the goal is to provide safety and nurturing to animals that are truly orphaned and prepare them to be returned to a life in the wild. Through these efforts, we hope to encourage people to respect and enjoy native wildlife.

There are 8 bears of varying species living on the property. They are part of our Educational Program. Out of all of the life's experiences, the time that is spent in the company of the bears has been the most rewarding. The unique relationship with them is based on endless trust and caring. Orphaned Wildlife will always remain committed to them.

The organization consists of just three people, Jim and Susan Kowalczik - founders and providers of all the animal care, and Kerry Clair who handles the admin, finances and social media aspect for the center. No one is paid a salary and all donations go directly to helping the animals at the facility.

Forix is going will cover the completion of an outside pavilion that would have a multi purpose. Perhaps as a future gathering place for educational purposes, but for now will immediately also serve as a storage area, and also as an animal housing area.