The Forix Mission

FORIX: an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between those in need and those with the means to provide help and long term solutions.

Here at Forix our mission is to direct philanthropic dollars towards economically challenged communities throughout the world, helping them develop long term solutions to improve the quality of their lives. Through education, improved health and living conditions, as well as the skills that foster self sustainability we seek to transform not only the lives we touch today, but those of generations to come.

Despite its fragile appearance the arch is a marvel of engineering and design, carrying loads far greater than its own weight and spanning considerable distances without disturbing the areas below.

Forix attempts to emulate the arch by bridging gaps without creating further obstacles; encouraging an open exchange of ideas, energy and creative solutions. Just as the arch provides a doorway, we at Forix hope to provide an open door into a new life — offering a new vision and a new sense of possibility. With the strength to take on loads and the dedication to work with and support our partners' efforts we all become empowered by the union.