Forix Projects in 2010

This year we were able to focus on projects which aided in education, both the standard scholastic kind as well as general life applied learning skills. In Guatemala we funded a teacher in a school as well as educators in the field. See their stories below.

Please read the synopsis of the programs we have funded and their progress as they came to completion.

September 2010

Las Voces Del Silencio - A school is opened to teach deaf children Guatemalan Sign Language, elementary classes, vocational training in the basic and fine arts, Guatemalan crafts, manual arts, general homemaking, baking, culinary arts and basic and advanced computer training.
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March 2010

Adopt A Village Guatemala - A community develops a vegetable garden to improve local nutrition, learn about farming and use surpluses to develop the local economony.
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Waves For Development - On a beach front which is being quickly developed as a popular spot for surfers, the local community learns not only the art of surfing and surf maintenance, but also the hospitality industry and how to preserve their own ecology and therefore their livelihoods.
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at school at LAVOSI

medical exams