Project - Helping Honduras Kids

Helping Honduras Kids

See our updated report on the project completion.

Helping Honduras Kids on May 7, 2007, opened its doors to its first HOGAR DE AMOR Children's Home (orphanage). The Hogar de Amor (Home of Love) is currently located in the city of La Ceiba. It currently houses 22 orphan children who live in the home, with three live-in Honduran staff and rotating international volunteers.

This foundation believes that opportunity, education, hope and love are what children need to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Here children are provided with an environment which builds confidence in each child so they can succeed. Also provided is the necessary educational environment to enhance learning to help give disadvantaged children the tools to become contributing members of society. Medical care and community programs benefit and improve the lives of children and people within the community.

Helping Honduras Kid's mission is to improve the life of orphaned, abandoned, abused and/or neglected children who otherwise would be in government institutions.

Last year a shooting occurred at the orphanage's first site. Because of this random violence, the residents were forced to evacuate, leaving many resources behind and creating the desperate need for a new, safer orphanage. This orphanage building will be constructed on land donated by the city of La Ceiba, and will be enclosed by a security wall, which has already been funded. This grant will be used to assist in building the septic tank and drainage system for this 8 bedroom facility which will house 22 children and 4 staff within a year, and up to 40 children in the near term.

The project contributes to the organization's overall mission first by providing a safe environment for children who would be in dire circumstances if left outside the system. They also educate and enhance the local community which supports, both financial and moral support to this project.