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EGBOK Mission

See the updated report on the project completion.

EGBOK (Everything's Gonna Be OK) Mission

The Cambodia Project helps underprivileged young adults - mainly orphans- to achieve their employment goals.

The Cambodia Project works to foster the country's future hospitality leaders by connecting young adults with a network of internships and job opportunities. By working with orphanages, vocational schools and other non-profits opportunity is given to underprivileged students to access the employment opportunities they deserve.

Additionally, EGBOK Mission works with students to educate them on the global hospitality industry and teach them how to create positive change within their communities.

The Cambodia Project fosters the hospitality potential of young adults through teaching, training, guest speakers, tourism trips, hospitality trips, preparation and community building.

This grant will increase the scope of reach within the Siem Reap community so that education can be provided to more young adults of the community to enable them with the skills they need to be self-supporting. This is done through the Phase 1 Introduction to Hospitality course, which is 3 to 6 months in length, depending on the needs of the community, and provides students with a foundation that incorporates hospitality theory, English language development, critical thinking and professional skills. This course is structured to build confidence and familiarize students with hospitality industry and employment opportunities.

A large percentage of the students will continue on to Phase 2 of the course which will further advance them towards the goal of finding placement in the hotel industry locally. The students who do not continue on to Phase 2 classes have still obtained an education in language and work skills, resume writing, self presentation and other skills which can and will be used towards finding them something appropriate to their abilities and desires.

Read this compilation of letters of reference from some of the hotels where the students have been placed and are successfully employed.