Project - Circle of Women

Circle of Women

See our updated report on the project completion.

Founded in 2006 by 3 Harvard girls, Circle of Women collaborates with communities eager to implement innovative, sustainable, and localized solutions to increase girls' access to secondary education in underserved and impoverished regions of the world.

women building bunk bed The current project is a partnership with the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women (BDIRW) in Indore, India. BDIRW is dedicated to educating rural, village, and tribal women who have not had the opportunity to receive secondary school education. The mission of the Institute is to facilitate the process of sustainable community development. The education program at BDIRW is based on the idea that women are the central pillars in society; if women are educated, then the entire society is educated. BDIRW has made a tremendous impact on the Indore area. They have educated more than 4500 women from over 450 villages. The intake age of the women ranges from 15 to 30 years, and they all live in dormitories on campus during their training.

Starting in May of 2014, Project Indore will be a three-year process consisting of expansion and enhancement of existing parts of the Institute. Currently, the school allows for a capacity of training 80 girls during every 6-month duration. With the help of Circle of Women, they will increase their capacity by 50 more girls per 6-month cycle. In Year 1 of Project Indore, an additional dormitory will be constructed on the campus of BDIRW. This grant will be used to construct and furnish this dormitory with bunk-beds. There will be 65 new bunk-beds added to the new and existing dormitories to eventually accommodate 130 new trainees. Currently, the students sleep on the floor or on mats, and it is not an ideal sleeping situation, especially given their rigorous schedule.

With this expansion, the project will provide access to secondary education to girls who would otherwise have no alternative.