Project - Right 2 Thrive

Right 2 Thrive

See our updated report on the project completion.

The Dagoretti South Constituency of Nairobi, Kenya is an extremely low income area with a population of 178,691 people living in 25 sq km radius. Formal employment is rare as most residents run small scale businesses or work as casual laborers. Fifty five percent of the adult population is unemployed. It's estimated that 50 percent of the youth will not complete secondary school due to lack of finances. Most residents live in shanties on small plots of rented land. There are a number of poorly run and overcrowded informal and public schools and a few private schools. Schools require fees and the purchase of uniforms, food plans and school supplies, all of which are financially out of reach for most families. Inflation of food staples increased almost five percent in 2013, making even basic supplies a luxury. Running water is scarce and there is no formal waste disposal system. Roads are primarily unpaved making access to homes, schools and businesses difficult.

The Empowerment Program consists of a series of classes, workshops and training seminars focused on education, teaching income generating skills and business entrepreneurship and mentoring. The class helps students develop and embrace their personal value and self-worth. All of the program participants are required to take Personal Empowerment before any other class — the philosophy being that each person must believe they are capable of changing their life before learning skills that facilitate transformation.

The classes have experienced success and growth since they began in 2012. Moving to the Empowerment Center has allowed the ability to offer additional classes in a more centrally located area, therefore reaching a larger population. Registration has increased from 20 participants in August of 2012 to over 100 participants this current semester. An additionalal 200 participants are expected to register collectively in the classes in the second and third semesters of this year. This grant will fund the Empowerment Program for the second semester which will run from June until September. It will cover the six Empowerment Program classes including: Personal Empowerment, Basic and Intermediate English, Handcrafts and Jewelry making, and Business Entrepreneurship free of charge to members of the community.