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Anchal Project

See our updated report on the project at mid-term.
And our report on the project at the end of the year.

Anchal celebrates the creative, nurturing essence represented in the anchal and harnesses it for women's social and financial empowerment. Through design, craft, community-building and education, we help provide new economic realities for commercial sex workers in India. Our goal is to create the infrastructure for creative, income-generating initiatives to run sustainably with local leadership. We believe that by providing a fair living wage and educational workshops to these women in need.

Anchal will use the grant from the Forix Foundation to provide proper training and fair wages to three project assistants who can then lead the 90 artisans currently enrolled in the program.

The project assistants will be talented artisans who have consistently demonstrated hard work and commitment to Anchal. They will receive training by a professional tailor in measurement, sewing and cutting techniques as well as instruction on suitable color and print pairings. The project assistants will then teach the 90 artisans techniques, assist in quilt design and oversee operations. In this way the project will help embolden communities and achieve independence from outside professionals.

Anchal's project assistants will represent the hope of self-sufficiency and the prospect of career advancement. The seed funding will empower all of our artisans through unity, trust and the vision of greater opportunities.