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Christel House

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The mission of Christel House is to help orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children break the cycle of poverty and to make them self-sufficient and contributing members of society. In addition to a holistic education, the school also provides the children with physical and emotional health care and a nutritional program for the time they are in school.

The role of Christel House in the lives of its children does not, however, end there. Support is continued with the children even beyond 12th Grade. The program also aids with vocational skills training options and job placements for students with economic needs. Christel House students are pursuing degrees in arts, commerce, software engineering, aeronautical engineering, medicine, hospitality and travel to name a few. 2014 was a landmark year for Christel House as the first batch of its students proudly graduated from their universities with Bachelor degrees in various disciplines. While some of them have been recruited by prestigious companies in Bangalore such as, Infosys, HP, ITC, Cognizant, Taj Hotels, and RCI, a sizeable group is now moving to pursue Master's degrees in subjects of their choice.

This grant is being used to purchase and procure the equipment and computers for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories. The computers provided will help children to research and use appropriate technology aids and materials available on the Internet for their learning and project work. The computers will also help teachers to integrate technology into the teaching/ learning process, use the Internet to access resource material and use the computer as a tool to aid planning and preparation, data collection and analysis and create teaching/learning material. The students will have the opportunity to research, conduct scientific studies, synthesize the information gathered in the form of conclusions and create a formal display that shares what they have learned with their fellow students, parents, teachers and community.