Project - Salesian Institute Youth Projects

Salesian Institute Youth Projects

At the of the year read the report and see the exit survery statistcs.

And if you missed it read the report on the project half way through the year.

The Salesian's Mission's YES program provides opportunities for youth who have been marginalised and disempowered, with a range of work skills and life skills that facilitate their abaility to become independent. These youth, ages 13 to 28 years, are from communities and informal settlements in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Training enhances youth confidence, independence, employability and community reintegration. This reduces unemployment in the region, as well as poverty and its related social ills, whilst positively impacting communities and the economy.

The Youth Employment Skills eight week program, facilitates three weeks of compulsory life skills training plus five weeks of vocational skills training (such as computer literacy and office management, computer maintenance and repair, bricklaying, tiling and laminated flooring), as well as job placement (65%-75% placement rate) assistance to 320 youth annually.

The YES Programme offers a 5 weeks vocational skills training in:
  • Computer Literacy and Office Management
  • Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • Bricklaying
  • Tiling and Laminating Flooring
As well as a mandatory 3 week training in Life skills focusing on positive and adaptive behavior that enables inidividual to deal effectively with the demands of every day life.

Forix will contribute by covering the annual salary for four facilitators,one life skills facilitator and job placement officer.