Project - Spoons Cafe

Spoons Cafe

See our updated report on the project at the end of construction.

Since the founding of EGBOK in 2009 over 550 students have enrolled in and completed the Phase 1 Introduction to Hospitality Course in over a dozen communities throughout Cambodia. 203 students have graduated or are pursuing the year-long hospitality-training program. EGBOK alumni are employed by some of the top hotels, restaurants and spas in Cambodia.

They are now moving to expand the training into real life practice with the new Spoons Cafe. As Spoons creates a well-respected space for itself among the local restaurant scene, not only will the students receive the additional experience to successfully launch their careers in the hospitality industry, but it will bring in funds to support the EGBOK in its mission and create self-sufficiency within the program.

The addition of this cafe to the school program will aid in the ability to build student's confidence at a faster rate through real customer interaction and experiential learning opportunities in food and beverage service. It will also provide support for an additional 10 students through a culinary training module that is to be implemented with an emphasis on hygiene and sanitation. Provided will also be additional learning and professional development opportunities for our alumni as well as passing on their learning to new students. This space will also allow for greater engagement with the community in learning and cultural exchanges.

The bamboo pavilion will immerse guests in a tropical environment, surrounded by bamboo and tropical growth. The design is focused on light and sustainable construction to reflect the local environment and culture. It is important for the structure to fit into the local landscape but have an interesting architectural design that allows the structure to stand out among the buildings in our part of town. This project hopes to set an example of using sustainably harvested bamboo for construction as an alternative to wood from the fast depleting Cambodian forests.

Forix has funded the purchase of several key pieces of restaurant equipment to expedite the opening of the restaurant for both the students and the community who will frequent it. We will be providing updated reports of how the school and this program progress in the future.