Project - Anjali House Garden

Anjali House Garden

At the of the year read the report and see the problems encountered and the successes.

The garden is half way through their time frame. Read the report on the project at this point in the year.

Anjali House is partnering with the Greenshoots Foundation and their local affiliate Community-based Integrated Development Organization (CIDO) to assist in the technical development and renovation of a community garden. CIDO is a Cambodian based NGO that teaches sustainable farming methods in an effort to boost agricultural efficiency for the development of the Cambodian economy. They are providing training for the Young Adults Students program to take ownership of certain aspects of the garden and to learn how to farm efficiently. This instruction is conducted by highly qualified farmers who teach the use of proper seeds, plant cultivation, maintenance and organic methods of pest and insect control, as well as harvesting, compost, and irrigation. CIDO will also help construct a compost facility, direct in building an irrigation system and will offer ongoing support and advice for the maintenance of the garden. Greenshoots will be providing 50% of the costs of the garden set up and training.

The agricultural sector of the Cambodian economy makes up around 50% of the labor force but accounts for only around 28% of GDP making agricultural labor an incredibly inefficient sector of the economy. Teaching students efficient farming methods will help boost the efficiency of this sector of the economy. The students will benefit from learning about gardening, the environment, agriculture, healthy eating, as well as leadership and community service through devoting their time towards working in the garden.

The garden will be a place of learning and reflection where students will learn about agriculture and sustainable living as well as environmental protection and the beauty of nature. All produce will be completely organic. The food grown in the garden will go towards the two free meals a day which are provided to the students, offsetting the cost of buying vegetables and fruits from the market. Additional produce will be sold to help subsidize the cost of the school's nutrition program. The garden will be maintained by a group of our Young Adult Program students. Other students at the Anjali will assist in the garden also. The students will not only learn how to grow food organically but also valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, agriculture, and community service.

Eventually, the garden will be opened up to the community to learn more about sustainable farming, growing vegetables organically at home and will be able to purchase fresh produce.

The families of the students will benefit as well by receiving occasional fresh produce from the garden, getting seeds to plant in their own homes, and having their children develop home gardens as well. Fresh vegetables will become a part of not just the students' diets but their families as well.