Project - Finding Freedom Through Friendship

Finding Freedom Through Friendship - Skills Training in Egypt

At the of the class session read the report and see how the women did with their new found skills.

In November 2016, Finding Freedom through Friendship (FFF) and Council of Services & Development (CSD) (Cairo, Egypt) joined hands to improve the standard of living (socio-economic conditions) of disadvantaged and poor families especially female-headed households. Realizing that education is the single-most important driver of economic empowerment for individuals, community and countries. Education prepares youth for success, open jobs in the global economy and shape future leaders. The goal is to empower women and youth to participate and influence society.

FFF pays special attention to the females (gender equality) who are often kept out of school for domestic work, safety (violence and sexual) or hygiene issues. Girls and women who achieve higher levels of education are greater contributors to economic development and to children's welfare. A girl's education is an essential factor in sustainable poverty alleviation.

This grant will be used to conduct a sewing class as an ongoing support of the newly launched Women's Development Center in El Minya, Egypt. This particular class will be paired with a day long class on Microbusiness Concepts, Marketing & Funding to disseminate information on how to operate a microbusiness.

Each class will be evaluated by the participants on the trainer, training material, classroom environment and knowledge gained. Upon completion, the participant will be offered the opportunity to purchase all or most of the equipment and material at a discount from the center. If the participant is an FFF widow or student, the entire package might be donated completely.

As follow-up, each participant will be contacted one to four months after the class for assistance with networking, business plans and an opportunity to get a microloan (at low interest rates).