Project - WINGS

WINGS - family planning in Guatemala

WINGS has purchased the equipment and built all the new areas for the clinic. Read the results report and see the new equipment.

WINGS' mission is to provide quality reproductive health education and services to underserved, primarily rural Guatemalan youth, women, and men. WINGS envisions a future where all Guatemalans thrive and are able to fully exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

Contraception use enables users to prevent unintended pregnancies which in turn provides greater opportunity to pursue education and potentially obtain paid employment and achieve economic stability. WINGS takes a holistic approach to reproductive health that recognizes the diverse barriers to exercising rights at the local level and engages community members,including indigenous women and girls, to secure reproductive rights and bring their voices to the forefront of the decision-making process.

Throughout the service provision, each step is linked to the next: Youth Leaders refer peers to Volunteer Health Promoters or to Youth-Friendly Clinics; Promoters refer their patients to mobile units or stationary clinics for long-acting or definitive methods. Finally, patients seen in mobile units or stationary clinic get referred back to their community's Promoter, when available, to answer any questions. By linking all these women, and men, to each other, the aim is to build a population that is more knowledgeable about their own bodies and the rights they possess.

This grant will be used to update the sterile processing area and equipment used to sterilize our clinical supplies for the provision of reproductive health services, including vasectomies, tubal ligations, and placement/removal of Long- Acting Reversible Contraception. Currently in use are two small electric autoclave machines with warming stoves. The turn-around time for the sterilization process is a bottleneck in the provision of services, both in terms of time and ability to process the needed equipment efficiently. The area in which the autoclaves are housed is inadequate for supplementary equipment, in addition to not being properly ventilated for any additional sterilization processes. With this support WINGS will purchase new sets of surgical equipment for insertion and removal of LARCS, a new autoclave and warming stove, as well as remodel the area of our building to better contain the cleaning, prepping, and sterilization equipment.