Project - Los Lagos, Chile: Sea & Forest

One Tree Planted

Read the about the tree planting and the obtacles they encountered.

One Tree Planted is will establish a planting project in Los Lagos, Chile. The goal is to plant mature and younger tree saplings to establish a tree canopy in order to promote a more diverse ecosystem and a healthier and sustainable quality of life for the local community. It will restore native conservation areas while improving water retention in the ecosystem, which has been negatively impacted by lower levels of rainfall in recent years. This grant will allow One Tree Planted to plant 5,000 assorted tree species in the area.

One Tree Planted, Inc. was founded in an effort to combat climate change and help vulnerable communities negatively impacted by deforestation. In 2020 alone 10,000,000 trees were planted. Its mission is to plant as many trees as possible worldwide as well as providing education, awareness, and engagement to inspire action towards getting more trees in the ground.

Forty percent of the world's forests are already destroyed as a result of climate change, forest fires, deforestation, and pollution. This degradation harms human populations of all geographic locations, socio-economic status, race, gender sexual orientation, age, physical ability and language. It also negatively impacts animal populations all over the planet who rely on trees and forests to provide clean air and water and to protect their habitats. The world is urgently working to combat climate change and to control carbon emissions in order to fight global warming, which only worsens without the cooling effects of trees. At the local level, many communities rely on trees for jobs and economic development, including sustainable tree farming for timber and home heating. Vulnerable communities also need trees as sources of food, seeds, and medicine for themselves and their livestock, and face poverty and malnutrition as tree numbers decline. Without reforestation, communities all over the world are negatively impacted by the current trends.

Once completed, this project will benefit the local community by cleaning up and restoring land, waterways, and oceans in their vicinity. It will immerse community members of all ages in the project providing practical hands-on learning, while also providing educational workshops to help them understand the 'how' and 'why' aspects of sustainability, tree maintenance, and protection of the environment for long term development. The 5 day project will enhance community unity and quality of life and also attract visitors and tourists, bringing vital economic activity to the area.