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Could You?
Could You?

Since 2019 Could You? has focused on girls/women's Health in part by focusing on ending period poverty by 2040. Period Poverty is the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products and education about menstruation. When girls can’t afford pads/tampons they miss/ work and school, experience poor health from using unsafe/unhygienic items like rags/leaves and newspaper and even worse studies show girls globally having transactional sex for a products.

Girls miss 5 days of school each monthly because they can't afford pads/tampons. (Even in the USA; 1 in 5 girls miss school monthly). Many of the girls missing school eventually drop out. According to World Bank, girls not completing 12 years of education, costs countries US$15- $30 trillion in lost earnings.

As a solution there is the menstrual cup which is an eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. Most tampons and pads take 500-700 years to decompose and contribute to solid waste stream issues. The CouldYou? Cup is a zero-waste menstrual cup. In partnership with Stericycle Environmental Solutions (ESOL), after 10 years of use, the cups can be repurposed into renewable energy.

This grant will meet the menstrual needs of 500 vulnerable girls/women in Uganda for 10 years by distributing the CouldYou? Cup to 500 girls/women. They will also provide menstrual health and hygiene education to the 500 girls who receive a cup and an additional 1000+ community members (including boys) in order to break taboos and normalize menstruation. The CouldYou? Cup costs $10 and includes the reusable menstrual cup, instructions for use, a cotton carry bag to store the cup between use (handmade by marginalized women in Uganda), shipping, as well as data collection.