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      3 Mariposas Montessori
      Adopt A Village
      Anchal Textiles
      Anjali Gardens
      Appropriate Technology Collaborative
      Blossom Bus
      Caravans to Class
      Children's Shelter of Hope
      Christel House
      Circle of Women
      Help Me See - Surgery
      Help Me See - Surgical Kits
      Hogar in La Ceiba
      Human & Hope
      Jungle School
      Kusi Kawsay School
      Living Earth Institute
      Los Voces de Silencio
      Lotus Outreach
      Lotus Pedals
      Lunch Box Fund
      Non Formal Education
      Right 2 Thrive
      Salesian Youth Project
      Spoons Teaching Cafe
      Wangki Tangni
      Waves for Development
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