Forix Projects

Last year was a challenge to get some of our grantees the materials they needed to proceed. This year we are hoping it all goes more smoothly, and are starting out with some natural/wildlife projects. Check back as we add to our list as the year progresses. Also see how far some of our projects have come after the grant on our Projects Update page.
eye sight clinic zenab Ctph Animals Asia
Spring 2021

One Tree - is bringing together the concepts of both ocean and forest conservation, providing ecological benefits related to both land and sea.
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Animals Asia - works to end the bear bile trade, which affects over 12,000 endangered bears: moon bears, sun bears and brown bears,kept on bile farms across Asia.
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Summer 2021

Help Me See - has developed a simulation-based training solution that shortens the time it takes to train eye surgeons to perform cataract surgeries.
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Programa Velsaco - is constructing a women's health clinic and supplying support staff in El Salvador.
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Orphaned Wildlife - is constructing a pavilion to support their bears and other wildlife.
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One Tree

bear rescue

Drs in training