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Consoling Through Counseling & Rehabilitation
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Consoling Through Counseling and Reintegration supports the healing, protection and wellbeing of female victims of trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. Many times beneficiaries at the shelter are children and adolescent in the age range of 8 to 16. Consoling Through Counseling and Reintegration provides trauma therapy, social assistance and skills-training to survivors residing at a women's shelter in rural Cambodia.

This program serves the vulnerable population who seek refuge at a shelter for victims of human trafficking, rape, and domestic violence from across Banteay Meanchey (BMC) in north west Cambodia. This area is an active gateway for migration and trafficking near the border of Thailand and other countries in the Mekong region. The program is long-standing and highly regarded by government, police, and other NGO's. Thus it is the first choice referral from victims from the surrounding region. It provides them opportunity for counseling, protection, and the an access to livelihood when the leave the shelter.

This project run in partnership with Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC) since 2005. Since this collaboration was initiated there has been a great improvement in the area with regards to how law enforcement responds to rape cases as one example. Nowadays perpetrators are convicted and people understand the consequences for such actions.

The success of the program is measure by the numbers of young girls and young women that are served at the shelter, identified by those who are victims of rape, domestic violence, and/or trafficking. Program recipients receive hours of therapy, as well as skills-training, including beauty salon skills, craft and sewing training. Girls are also monitored for one year after they leave the shelter to ensure they are able to reintegrate into their communities safely. Of course, with the level of trauma that some of these girls have experienced it is not easy to quantify their healing however this program deeply supports and restores their wellbeing and sets them up be capable and confident members of their communities with an improved quality of life.